LF cheap yoyos!

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Looking to only spend $0-$20.On a budget right now.
All cAn have vibe and or dings.tell me what you got

Magic yoyos tend to be pretty good and you can buy a new Magic T5 for under $20.

Ive got a Blue/Yellow Plastic Grind Machine. Multiple Scuffs and vibe.

I’ve got a couple in your price range. not bad yoyos either

I have a C3YoyoDesign Token. I’m expecting to sell it for $20. A great aluminum yoyo that spins great! Only a few scuffs. Nothing major. Plays like new and has very little vibe. :slight_smile:

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I’m wanting to start a yyf collection.So by that I mean I wanting to have every yyf yoyo.
So I’m gonna start off cheap here’s the yoyos I’m looking for now.
If it’s not on my want list don’t offer.

-one star (both regular and the pink one)
-the cheap loops
-one (pink version)
-die nasty
-pop star (really looking for a purple or orange color)

Im wanting both the purple and orange pops star