more yoyo's

no offense but they need more companies to to support this site. they need more of a selection. i mean at least get one drop or iloveyoyos to sponser. i would buy from here all the time if they sold other then yoyojam yoyo factory and duncan also hspin get those special brands like CLYW. i just think that if you agree reply

The thing is that YYE can’t just sell anything they want to a certain extent. Certain companies are focused on selling exclusively through certain stores or their own stores, so they aren’t available for YYE. I know this is true for CLYW and OneDrop, but I’m not sure about ILYY.

CLYW isnt going to sell here according to Chris.

One-Drop is only selling on their site.

Right now, ILYY I believe sells exclusively on YY* ( Dont quote me on that though)

What? One Drop only sells at their own store? From what i have seen, Infinite Illusions restock their M1s constantly.

OneDrop also sells through other stores, but mainly their own.

While we do not carry every single brand of yo-yo currently being produced we chose brands known for performance and companies that are committed to producing high quality products and who support the sport of yo-yoing and the players involved in it.

We do agree that Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works is a great company with excellent products and if they decide to open their market we would be willing to work with them.

We could not successfully come to an agreement in carrying One Drop Yo-Yos for now.

you should just say “do you know who I am!!! im ANDRE BOULAY!!!” im sure all the companies will see sense then! lol jokes! yeah shame yoyo companies dont let anyone sell their stuff. tbh theres plenty on here anyway, for my needs anyway!

Sure, there’s stores out there with way more selection, but consider this…

What more do you need?

This place has a great selection of the tried and true staples of the hobby. You want Duncan stuff? Got it. A Dark Magic, X-Convict, Hitman, or any other great YoYoJam? Got it.

“But I like YoYoFactory the best!”

Yep, got that, too. Up to and including the G5, 888, and DNA.

And now hSpin stuff is available here. Grab a Pyro Light, some G&E, or a Cut.

I’m sure there’s more stuff “on the table” that will appear in the future. I guess I can’t guarantee that, as I have nothing to do with this site and thus have no information on it, but I can’t imagine this is all we’re gonna see from Andre and YoYoExpert.

My point still stands, though. Do you really need more?

Good Point. We have the 3 largest companies. like 4/5 of the people will know and want those companys. YYE selection is bigger and better than other stores because they always seem to have everything in stock (exept K-pads… >:()

I really have to agree there. YYN seems to be sold out on 4/5s of their yoyos.

Woops! Back in stock. :wink:

true, do you need more? we have everything in stock, what more do you need?