more repeaters


hey again guys, as i love repeating tricks, i have another question about that name/tutorial for following tricks :wink:

here is video

trick starts at 22 sec, epic smooth trick which looks not that hard to do

next one starts at 44 sec of the same video another cool looking trick, kinda crossed zipper thingy
another trick just start when second one ends whats its name ?

thanks for all of yours help


I’m of no help, but thanks for sharing the video! Bunch of great players in there, and the two repeaters you singled out were real standouts. Hope someone can tell us the names, or we’re going to have to spend a lot of time pressing the slomo button to try to get’r down. :wink:


The second one is simply, Smooth Double or Nothing Move (or at least that’s the name Gabe from Sector-Y gave it) by Chuck. This is pretty much the best video we’ve got:

As for the first Guy Wright one, I think that that’s an original with nothing else on it. Sorry, can’t help you there.


what about 3rd?

mayby some1 will be soo nice and will make some tutorial step by step for those tricks


3rd? You only mention 2. :wink:


“another trick just start when second one ends whats its name ?”




sooo will some1 make a tutorial for first and second one; p?


any news;p


I highly doubt that possibility.