Stupid yoyo stuff vid

new vid out in the cold
not really focusing on long trick more like fun ones :smiley:
tut added for 20 seconds in


cool stuff bro, I like it.


woah dude nice video but your signature is weird…


can you make a tut for that repeater at about 20 sec. please.


ya sure i’ll pm you with it by next friday (that way you don’t have to look for it)

ya i know :smiley:


i need one too ;D


ya sure i’ll pm you too and post as a topic (just for some views)


cool vid

(J. Lev) #9

Solid! You’ve got good tricks, you’re having fun, what more do you need?

houdini repeaters tutorial
it was the trick at 20 seconds


awsome :slight_smile: