More Options for Forum Threads, Navigation Bar

One suggestion I’d like to make is to be able to delete any threads we no longer need or any posts that we made a mistake in making.

The navigation bar at the top of the webpage is also kind of glitchy. Sometimes, the dropdown menus will not go away and I have to refresh the page.

Sorry, but users cannot delete posts as a matter of forum policy at this time. If you made a mistake use the Modify button to edit it.

The drop down problem you are seeing is more than likely an issue with your browser. Have never seen nor heard of that happening, What browser are you using?

Using Google Chrome. It happens on all my browsers and on other computers I use. I hover over a link and immediately go to another one and it glitches.

Sounds like a set up issue on your end. I use Firefox and chrome on windows and linux and don’t see that. Also never had anyone mention it as an issue.