Anyone else have trouble with the drop down menus on mobile?

On YYE using safari on IOS, I often have trouble with the drop down menus disappearing. In particular, when searching for brands I tap to expand it then when I go to tap the letter of the brand the drop down disappears.

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Does this only happen on the ‘home’ page?

Also - big website reboot soon will definitely remedy this regardless! :blush:

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It happens to me as well. On an iPad. Touch brands, all brands, then choose a range. The bottom of the box is off the bottom of the screen. When you try to scroll the screen up to see the box it all goes away.

Hope that makes sense lol.

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Same here on an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 12.3.2. Not just on Safari, I experience it on Firefox too.

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+1 here. I’ve learned to be quick in my section after opening a drop down.

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I think it may in fact happen mainly on the front page

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Yeah - I fixed this at one point - it is battling CSS Code between the slider and the navigation… (When a slide changes it sometimes kills the menu) - I’ll look again! Thanks!


Yes, this does sound correct :grinning:


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Aww that’s mean

Or as we “joke”:

99 little old bugs in the code
99 little old bugs
Take one down, patch it around
137 little bugs in the code


Can confirm.