Moonshine yoyo value?

Quick question everyone!! So I have been looking around at yoyos and I came across the basecamp moonshine. Looks like a cool yoyo and all, but I don’t think it was relseased on YYE at all. Does anyone know why?? And what is this yoyo valued at??? Thanks!!!

We had them, but they are sold out. They were released as a package deal with the other basecamp models (jackknife & expedition) initially. Basecamp wouldn’t let retailers sell them individually for some reason :roll_eyes:, but they sold them individually for $45. It’s a fun yo-yo, I have a brown one somewhere that I should probably find…


Ahhh. Got it. Thanks!!! That’s kind of a bummer. Oh well though. Thanks for answering my question!!!

It is a cool metal unresponsive for sure, but I’d rank Sherpa, Deep State, and Confusion higher on the old metal responsive scale :wink: