MonkeyfingeR New throwers corner episode.


Hey all we are excited to announce that there will be some cool things going on at this years USA Nats from ‪#‎monkeyfingeR‬ Team member Tyler will be on location mingling with everyone. Now if you see Tyler trust me you won’t be able to miss him. he will have free String sample packs, MFD stickers, Car logo’s and bumper stickers. If you want some free goodies just say to him “Its a zoo out there” Thats it and he’ll hook you up with some free stuff. Thats not all there is also a mystery guest doing the same thing. They will also be loaded up with free goodies. Remember to say “its a zoo out there” ‪#‎thezoo‬


Hey gang its string review time. if you do reviews and want to test out some of our new string. Hit me up at and i’ll send you some to review. The more the merrier!!!


the reviews are starting to come in!!!

first one is from Sean you can check it out right here.,87718.0.html


Hey all,
My review of the Ape Hanger Vines yoyo string is here!!!


Big thanks  to MFD for sending me some awesome stickers!!


Are there going to be any neon hangers?


Hey why have you guys stopped doing the anno “tattoo” on your yoyos?

I’m sure it adds some extra work for you guys but I thought the little monkey or dragon for the drag slayer ed. were a super cool detail!

Would you guys consider bring it back?


The Dragon is still on all the Dragon Slayer Editions.


Oh sweet! I didn’t see it when checking out the pictures and my Caesar didn’t have the monkey, but my Ape-x does so I thought they recently stopped doing that detail on their yoyos.

Thats cool that they still have it on the Dragon Slayer editions tho


Yeah it looks like we didn’t really feature the Dragon Logo in the picture of the Dragon Slayer Tri-B for some reason, but it’s there! If you look on the bottom left of the profile shot you can sort of see it.


A new episode of throwers corner just dropped.

its a good one, shannon went on a field trip to Foxland Precision.


Nice interview, thank you.
Foxland Precision does fine work. One of the top three in my bag would have to be a F.P. Honey Badger,
I love those yo-yos.


Can we expect to see a restock of the Ape Grapes? I had never heard of begleri, but after seeing these and watching some videos I’m intrigued. I know there are a few in stock, but not the color I would like.