monkeyfinger monkey SNOT - thoughts?

Anyone use MonkeyfingeR Monkey SNOT silicone?Is it as easy (and cool) as it looks?

Does anyone know if YYE is going to carry it? If not, any ideas of where in the states I can grab some?

Also - how often do you silicone your throws? Not just with SNOT, but any silicone …

I am sorry I do not know any answers to your question but the G-Squared Albatross prototypes use it. You can see it in G-Squared’s testing video in the manufacturer news section of this forum.

I like it. I don’t know if yye is carrying it but you can get it on highspeedyoyo.
@Sniffyo on twitter

my first experience with it is on the Albatross proto from G-Squared.

I really like it, and I wasn’t thinking it would be anything other than colored sili. It’s good stuff. I can’t speak about applying it, just using it.

i have used it before when i entered a contest and got to try some out.
it is so smooth and very durable if you put it in right and no air bubbles it will last for months.
and the ammount you get is really good for the price.
over at you get so much of it it is more than enough.