MonkeyfingeR Caesar help?

I’ve been throwing my new Caesar off and on since Saturday, and it’s causing me to have some questions.

First off, the bearing. I’ve cleaned it using both the mineral spirits and paper method, but it is still very loud, vibes unless the throw is absolutely perfect, and doesn’t spin as long as my other bearings I cleaned at the exact same time in the exact same manner. Does MonkeyfingeR’s stock bearing have a long break in time? It worked fine when I first got it, and it suddenly got loud one day, which prompted me to clean it, and all of my bearings for that matter. I also put a single drop of gorrilicus lubricus in all of my bearings when I cleaned them, and they are all substantially quiet, except the Caesar. I put my Gnarwhal 2 bearing in there to see if it was me, and the yoyo played great, so I don’t think skill is involved as far as the initial throw.

Also, the yoyo is fairly responsive, like I can do a gravity pull if it is spinning hard enough. However, I do understand that there is a break in period on their monkey snot, so I’m not freaking out yet, it does do the few tricks I can pull off just fine.

Thanks guys

If it’s response, most likely too much oil.

Like all things manufactured however, it could just be a defective bearing. Do you have any others you could try to swap in to test?

Yeah, I can throw in a clyw from either my puffin 2 or the gnarwhal 2 (already did), the bearing that came in my recrev octave 3, or the OD 10 ball from my argonaut

I don’t think I over lubed, I let the brush finish dripping back into the bottle before wiping one of the balls one time to get as close to their recommended 1/3 of a drop

what i’ve also noticed before on a bearing looked like either corrosion or possibly old oil that dried up on the inside edges of the race and that could introduce a little tiny piece of something to cause it to make that horrible sound. Also probably eat up the race making the bearing not work well anymore.

Ugh, we’ll all of my other bearings made it play better, and the MonkeyfingeR made my Puffin 2 play worse. The Caesar did seem to make my other bearings sound louder though ??? My dead silent clyw bearings made a slight ringing, as did the one drop, and my rec rev sounded like I had never even cleaned it

What should I do?

Get a new bearing.