Monkeyfinger BUFF


I ordered a Co-Lab from Monkeyfinger Design a few weeks ago, along with some custom string. Both are high quality products that deserve a beautifully written review to which I don’t feel I could do justice. But… BUT… In the same package was a tiny container labeled BUFF. This stuff, according to the description posted in the YYE Shop, “breathes new life into your return top.”

I recently received a used Wolverine Bear Vs. Man, and was quite disappointed in its finish. I asked around and found out that these were all done in a rather crude finish, compared to current day CLYW finishes. The finish was very dull and gritty to the touch. It felt like a dirty chalk board, for those of you that are old enough to remember chalk boards. I decided this as the perfect return top on which to try my new found BUFF.

I followed the directions that came with the package, and when I was finished, I was amazed at the results. This throw now has a glossy sheen with an incredibly smooth grinding surface, possibly even better than a new CLYW return top. And the colors! They are so much more vibrant! Before they were dull and very disappointing. Now they pop off of the throw in a way I never would have believed possible when I first saw it. I still can’t believe how great this thing looks! Plus, it has a subtly sweet honey scent. Here are some after pictures. I wish I had some good before pictures, but unfortunately, I don’t.


Funny, I was just thinking about giving this stuff a try.


Definitely do it. This stuff is unbelievable.


It’s great stuff, I had some a while back, definitely need to get some more


I was JUST literally thinking about this on the way downstairs to the computer. I bought a few new yoyos that grind “fine” but have that vaguely chalkboardy feeling to them. “What’s up with that?” I wondered. “What does Werrd do differently that makes their ano’d blasts so much more slippery?”

Then I thought, “I wonder if they put Buff?”

Then I thought, “Doesn’t matter… these other throws aren’t being sent off to Werrd for re-ano, so maybe Buff is what THEY need.”

The descriptions in this review confirm it. :wink: Really shoulda got some when I was in MA last weekend…


Looks like this stuff really works! I myself have been considering this for awhile also and now might have to get some after reading this review. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yeah, all the old BvMs had that feel and finish. I have 3 of them and they’ve been that way for 6 years or so. I’m interested to see what Buff can do to them now…I may buy some. Thanks for the review!


Does it get on your hands?


Something to add here, when you walk the dog with it, it makes the room smell like smoke, and leaves the yoyo unscathed. It might also make some smoke(if my memory serves me right, prob. Not)

I saw Mike Montgomery do it.