MonkeyfingeR BUFF?


As anyone here had experience with the MonkeyfingeR BUFF? Does it really make a difference in the color and grinding surface? Is it easy to use?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


I’ve used it several times. I really like what it does for the shine, but I’m afraid I’m not much of a grinder so I can’t really attest to that. It really is the kind of product that is a ‘luxury’ item I guess, but for $5 or whatever it’s all good by me. If I use it I feel like I’m taking care of my throws :wink: As far as easy to use goes, it’s trivial; and it comes with all the directions you need.


It’s very easy to use… Just put some on your yoyo, and spread it out evenly with a rag, clean it up with a dry rag, and bam, you just buffed your yoyo. It does make your yoyo a little shinier and makes it look newer. As for grinding goes, it does improve the grind time slightly… Dont expect it to triple the grind time though… If the yoyo was a bad grinder to start with, it probably won’t help much… Maybe a 1-2 second improvement… If it is a good grinder it might improve the grind time 2-4 seconds… Nothing much but a few seconds always helps… I’d say it’s great for $5, but dont expect insane results… Each tube(each order comes with 2) buffs about 2-4 throws, depending on how much you use… It doesnt take much to get results but more is better than less so that’s up to you :slight_smile:


Dude, the best grinder you could probably get is the Evil-yo. I had the guys from MF buff my Evil yo. It easily finger grinds in place for a good 8 seconds. It’s insane.

(M.DeV1) #5

Naw man Code One.


Naw man Duncan Butterfly.

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Naw man Duncan Imperial. I mean have you seen the IRG on that bad boy?