Monkey snot fell out

I did my first silicone job the other day on my sceptre and it was great at first. It worked well and looked just like all the pictures I saw. I let it sit for about 22 hours before using the yoyo. Then tonight I was planning it and both sides of silicone shredded an fell out. Any advice on what I may have done wrong or tricks to keep it in?

Before you applied the silicone how clean was the recess? sometimes if particles or residue from anything are in there it can cause the silicone to not hold as well and fall out.

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I’m wondering if the monkey snot was recessed or at least the excess removed first. Or if the SPR system is truly compatible with silicone. It should be, it uses a standard C3Yo response pad, which works in their yoyos that can also take silicone products.

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I will make double sure this time that everything is clean before I do it. I did recess the silicone and took a lot of care to remove all the excess.
The main issue with this particular yoyo is that I’m using the A bearing side, which uses a slightly smaller pad that I haven’t found for sale by itself yet.

Take a paper towel and use it to go around the recess. Then, put some goo gone on it and do it again. Wipe it again on a clean section of the towel. Should get any residue.

happened to me too. makes sure youre putting enough in the silicone recess, if its too thin it will rip out and its really easy to make it too thin

make sure there aren’t any bubbles

I don’t have it in my hand right now to be absolutely certain, but I’m pretty sure the Sceptre response area may be too shallow for a flexible response like snot or regular flowable. Plus the c3 pads are cheap and great.

Did they wear out on you? I haven’t had c3 pads wear out on me even once yet.
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The glue on the back of one of the pads never stuck very well so I always had issues with it. I’d order a replacement if I could find the right size.

If you are dealing with a very shallow response area it won’t hold well. One way to improve the hold a bit is to take a pin and scratch the inside of the response area, the gives the silicone more surface to grab.

I checked the Sceptre large response to see if it was the same size as snow tires or the response in the halo. Sadly not.
Maybe ask c3 where the pads are available, I doubt they are in the us being Sceptre isn’t available in the us.

Though it does seem to be deep enough for flowable. Snot can be a bit picky and fragile if not applied correctly, at least I’ve found that to be the case.

Sorry, I didn’t look up the yoyo. The problem is the material, I have yet to get Delrin to hold flowable silicone, snot or otherwise. With plastic’s you want pads or you will have this problem. I use delring 4a throws and have resigned myself to pads because the flowable tears out too easily. Save your snot for your metal throws.

The Sceptre uses aluminum inserts for the bearing seat and response area.
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Here’s a potential idea, but how well it will work, I’m not so sure about.

Make the response pad using whatever you want. Then, after fully cured, carefully remove it in one piece. Then use contact cement to adhere it in place.

Please note that I personally haven’t tried this. I do know that on my Sharp that was modified, I accidentally ripped out the response pad. I didn’t remove enough excess so I was using a patch of denim to rub it down. Anyhow, I just re-siliconed that side.

Maybe pm Walter and ask him where the pads are being sold.

This may not help you if the recess is too shallow but I usually take a sharp object like a tack and scratch the bottom of the recess pretty good. If it’s anoed doing this will give the silicone a great area for the silicone to stick to.

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