Monkey Finger Yoyo's alternative responses

Can monkeyfinger yoyos use 19mm slim pads? Because I have monkey snot, but I love the Forte so much I might just want to pop pads in the first time, so I can keep playing it. I also ordered a Gelada, so I want to know my response options.

I would contact MFD direct and see what they have to say. They just say Monkey Snot, so flowable is a viable option.

If I had a MFD yoyo(not yet, got a deal swinging on a Gelada), I’ll know after I get it. However, it maybe after Nationals when that happens.

Looking at the Gelada one of the runs came with pads. and the diameter of the cut and width seem like a perfect match but how deep is it.

I have regular cbc white pads in my evil-yo, I figure they pretty much all fit the standard 19mm response pads.