Mom of beginner looking for advice

Only way for him to learn to bind is to get him a yoyo that needs to be bound. When the only way to get a yoyo back up is with a bind you learn real quick. Shouldn’t take anyone more than an hour or two to learn to bind at the most, even a young child. PSG is fine, Northstar and Protostar are also great choices that have won numerous yoyo contests. No need to coddle him like some advice in here, go ahead and give him the PSG and once he learns to bind get him a north/protostar or whatever metal he wants.

I totally agree. But the thing about children is that they aren’t adults… lol What I mean is we have the experience and discipline to stick with something we really want to do even if we get extremely frustrated and pissed. Adults have a greater ability to see the future benefit of the hard work now and the fact of the matter is when a lot of children do something thats very hard they get discouraged and tend to quit. So you have to play the game and guide them around those pitfalls of frustration and keep them motivated.

So my advice, yomama, is to judge how much discipline he has and move him up based on that. I agree with NathanC that the best way to learn something new and hard is to just do it.
However seeing my own friends get frustrated and remembering how I was as a child (and still am sometimes) I think its a good idea to start with responsive or something that can go back and forth so that he can still learn tricks and make progress. Then when its time to bind its only one small step in the process instead of a giant hurtle before the fun can start.

When I got back into yo-yoing I started with a YYF ONE, it comes with the wide unresponsive bearing and a thin responsive one for like $10. If you already have a PSG though you might as well see how that goes. You can always upgrade from there.

And by the way I’m really impressed by how knowledgeable you are about this stuff. I think its awesome that you’ve done so much research to become educated on the subject. Most parents would not do that

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Psg is a really good throw. I use it for 5a. I’d suggest the One because it comes stock with a responsive bearing and comes with a replacement C sized bearing.

If he wants a cool looking a yoyo and wants to start learning how to bind, then the Yoyojam Legacy II is definitely the way to go for under 30$. If he’s still practicing just the basic tricks, I would still recommend the Yoyojam Journey due to the low maintenance response system, where as with the Legacy, the silicone pads would need to be replaced every now and then.

I live in Ma.

Thank you! I try anyhow. I really want to help him succeed at this!