In 1A freestyle…
Are we allowed to do some moebius…
Just wondering…


personally, if someone did an entire mobeius freestyle, they have my vote. I’d really want to see that soon

Moebius intimidates me.

The only problem with moebius is it doesn’t score very well.

Why is that, is it cause the style is too slow, or it looks easy? Just wondering, cause I was thinking of doing a Moebius trick in my freestyle at a next upcomming contest. :slight_smile:

-James Reed

Probably because there aren’t many string hits, and speed could be a factor also. IMO, mobeius is more for videos.

To answer the questions thats been had here:

  1. Yes it can be used in 1a, but it receives the same type of points as regular 1a does.

  2. Someone posted my 1a freestyle from 09 Madfests. Here is the 2010 madfest as well as 2009 Midwest Regionals.

  3. Moebius can be sped up to match the point whoring system but because I am so nervous I am miserable onstage, ergo, I am not meant to be a competitor. But there is potential, more then people realize. I’m not going to give up either. For now, people could use it as a trick style.

  4. moebius is not easy.

And that is the other reason. Moebius is very hard to learn and create killer tricks. Zammy is just a madman with it. Long live the Moebius King!

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Yeah, but Zammy doesn’t want to be king, he wants to share his knowledge. It is not as intimidating or as hard as people believe. Thats why I am doing the project to teach people and hopefully people may pick it up.


Check out his Moebius 101 series.

I just tried to learn moebius…
And my yoyo flew…
Luckily it leaves no mark…

Thanks for the info guys.

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Zammy inspired me to start learning Moebius. I learned a star to double tower. Go on my youtube account and click on Got Trick. It is the first trick in the video. And yesterday, I made up my own repeater moebius trick. Thanks Zammy! :slight_smile:

i sure wish i knew what moebius was ???

This is what moebius is.

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