Catagory or part of 1a I think it should be part of 1a (I’m not sure what they mean by sub Catagory

Möbius is unofficially referred to as 6A

Will it happen?

Probably eventually. There just aren’t too many people who do 6A so it would be hard to make a competition of it. If it weren’t for Zammy no one would even know what it was

If 6a was big, they would made special that is string easier to open the slipknot loop.

I talked to zammy about this, it’s considered a style of 1a.

Does this mean you could go to worlds in 1A and throw möbius?

The PNWR rules included mobius as part of 1a.

Funny enough I was just reading through the rules and saw that and started thinking of starting to learn some tricks to add to a normal 1a freestyle. I have never seen anyone use möbius in a freestyle before.

I think at worlds the crowd would go crazy if someone did möbius and Hiroyuki Suzuki might finally be taken down. But in the other hand this might cause dispute with judges and such

Lol, he’s been “taken down” many times. I’ve always been impressed that he keeps trying.
Möbius would score high for risk factor, not sure if one could get it fast enough though

You can use Moebius in 1A at Worlds.  Alex Berenguel at least has done it (skip to just before 2 minutes to see it in this freestyle):

Toxics are perfect. As slipknots don’t hold well
Pull em to play moebius.

I used möbius in my PNWR 2012 freestyle.

Is there a video on YouTube? I want to see it:P

Subcategory means that while the style has its own essence to be a style, it is officially classified as a part of the 1A Category.

Other yoyo styles have been within 1A such as Dualstring.
or with 5A there is Double Dice.

These are styles that have their own separate tricks and unique qualities, but not enough to be classified as its own category. There is a difference between what a “Category” is versus what a “Style” is.

Moebius was at one time referred as 6A a long time ago between 2001-2004 or 5. Due to the the expanding of other styles. Unfortunately Moebius started to die due to waning interest/difficulty with current yoyos. Remember, people were playing with responsive stickers, small bearings and tiny gaps.

Moebius can use ANY string as it is a preference for people. I’ve suggested to use thin 100% poly string. My signature ZYPE string by Toxic is designed for Moebius and 1A in mind. Between 2000 to 2004/5 ish there was no 100% poly, thus only to use 50/50 which hurts the fingers when trying to open the slipknot.

Tricks within the style are scored/clicked the same way as 1A. Thus if you do any “flytrap” type tricks or no-handed type tricks and land them cleanly, unfortunately it does not count as “risk” and will be scored like a regular suicide. Therefore the clicks are the same. The style is hard to control, and unfortunately cannot be done at high speeds compared to 1A, therefore why people do not do it a lot in contests if ever.


Zammy from 2009.
I suck at freestyles, but it was fun.

Your welcome.


I just came up with a trick some years ago. Now i know it is möbius because of zammy. I really like it, but can’t find tutorials i like:/