mods for 888

just seeing if i can make my 888 better

You can do any mod for any yoyo. Just look at some mods. A yoyo can do different mods than another, and why would you want to make it better? It’s already perfect the way it is.

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beef cake it (two slim bearings) and zstacks(not recommended). those are basically the only mods to do except for a kk. the 888 is perfect how it is.

Just play it stock.

While I have to agree the 888 if perfect the way it is, the “modds” you listed are not modds at all.
They’re upgrades.

You could give it flat rims, satin it, repaint it, change the bearing size(if you’re really good)or keep it the way it is.
If you’re just looking for something to try modding, 201’s and most all Duncan plastics are great.