888 mods

what can i do to “upgrade” my 888.???
thanks to best answer

Best thing is to play with it.
No need to mod it!
Unless you want to do the hitman mod.
Which I haven’t had experience.

i mean like silicone or something

Flowable silicone?
You can do that.

You can put flowable silicone in it.
Hitman mod.

I don’t see why you’d need to mod it though. It seems to me like it’s more than good enough already.

Yeah the modding isn’t necessary. The 888 plays great already!

Hitman Mod:


Flowable Silicone
Get a KK bearing

About it not going “Extreme”

Pheenix is right.

That’s why the companies like YYJ and YYF make them the way they are.

If you even insist on modding them, do a higher brand. Alchemy, Hspin, General-Yo.

888 doesnt need it its perfect the way it is but i only siliconed mine cuz i didnt have replacement pads so whatever. But if anything a kk bearing would be good but theres not a big difference.

If you want to do some real serious modding, you could reshape it, but that eill probably not end good.

A square eight8eight! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that would be epic.

You would need some special tools for that. when reshaping you usually use a drill, which moves in circles.

Yea, it’d be really hard.

I could reshape my 888 if I wanted…

But why? :open_mouth:

Because I can…

Ok fine then. :stuck_out_tongue:

that really would be epic :slight_smile: , but there is a yoyo called the bist TONDO that comes square

lol the italian one, right?

Yeah I saw those! :smiley: