yyf hectic mods

wat can i do to mod my hectic?

Nothing! Its perfect the way it is. Or you can send it to me.

You could satin it I guess… But a raw hectic would be weird…

Why do you want to mod it?

wat would you do to it?

I would play with it!

Just because I mod yoyo’s all the time doesn’t mean that I mod every yoyo. Most of my collection is stock. The only reason I mod MY yoyo’s is because I either hate them and NEED to make them better or because I broke them and I had to mod it to fix it.

i agree, i only mod if i need to make it perform better, or satin it when it gets dinged, mod it to fix it…


Yes, just play the heck out of it. maybe sand down dings when you get them if they affect grinds or hurt on catches. :wink:

It’s one of the few production yoyos that actually comes with schmoove rings, a popular mod. What else do you want? It’s awesome, just play it.