Modifying FH Zero

I want to modify my FH Zero. it’s response pads have come off with wear, and its bearing is rusted.
I’m thinking about putting on K-Pads, and a KonKave bearing.

would that work to make my FH Zero Unresponsive?

You would have to form a recess… a groove in the plastic around the bearing seat to hold the response.

But yes then it would be unresponsive.

you don’t have to have a sili recess to make a fhz unresponsive. but I would recommend adding one. it’s actually really easy to do.

I’ll post the video as soon as I find it

and a KK isn’t going to make something less responsive than if you just used any other clean bearing.


Also some people say that by removing a stick, and cleaning the bearing should make it unresponsive.
I dunno, whenever I tried this it didn’t work for me. but by all means, go ahead and try this.

If the bearing is rusted soak it over night in WD-40. Clean it and lube it very lightly.
Pads - just use 1, not 2. If you need to buy some, get the Duncan sili pads. They last much longer than the friction stickers.

The 12 mm Duncan sili pad is what you want.

If you don’t want to buy new pads, then follow the recipes above for recessed silicone.