Modern Wooden YoYo?

I was wondering if a high end, modern wooden yoyo existed.

Something full size, C bearing, silicone response, ect… But made out of some type of exotic wood.

I did a little google search and found nothing impressive. Is there a reason this type of throw doesn’t exist? Is wood not suitable for making a reliable bearing seat?

Imagine how sick a rosewood cascade or a zebra wood chief would be?

YoYoJam Jamboo.

this is the best thing i’ve seen. been waiting on an update for a while :wink:

That Jamboo looks extremely tacky. ;D

The one Cruton posted is much closer to what I am thinking about. I was thinking that the bearing seat would be made out of wood as well though. And with no weight rings. Something made on a lathe from a single block of wood.

Also, imagine an exotic wood with a satin finish. Something similar to a high end guitar.
The Mayones Regius 6 MM comes to mind. This axe has a Walnut Top with an Oil Finish.

The one JamesMay posted is much closer to what I am thinking about. I was thinking that the truss rod would be made out of wood as well though. And with no pickups. Something made on a mill from a single block of wood.

Actually it’s not…

Wood is too unstable to make a bearing seat that would hold the tolerances needed. That’s why people use metal inserts of some sort. Those shown are quite large. Some people use ones more the size like used in a FHZ.

Eric Wolff turns yoyos like you’re discussing… tons of them… but he doesn’t typically sell them online. You can sometimes find others selling his stuff, but it’s not too common since we tend to like it :slight_smile:

He uses ebony, cocobolo, you name it… he’s an incredibly skilled wood turner.

Alan Gray also does them ( … he is primarily a spintop maker, but he does yo-yos now and then as well.

A few others make wood yoyos now and then… I’ve done a few myself even.

You don’t see them in mass because they’re hard to make… wood isn’t consistent or predictable, so you have to deal with the problems that brings.


I was scrolling down and was gonna mention Eric Wolff, but someone beat me to it.

The link is dead, but if you hit google image for eric wolff yoyo, the 9th picture is a inside shot of one of his wood throws, with wooden bearing seat like you mentionned.


Yes, Eric does some wonderful work. The fact remains that the bearing seats are problematic. Look at all the complaints about too tight or too loose bearing seats encountered with metal production yoyos.

THIS is what I am talking about. I would love to own something like that.