Wooden Ball Bearing yoyo

This guy has some pretty impressive stuff in this little thing. I especially like the Deer Antler one.

Can you specify who or any links to more info?

I just put it in i accidentally hit post before i could.

That wowed me…

I wonder if anyone ever try to CNC wood…

On a lathe? I’ve seen it done plenty of times with wood but not a yoyo… Yet lol

Any one know if he sells these
These are super dope

About time I guess? :smiley:

Probably ! And it wouldn’t be as expensive because they’d allow some vibe becuz it’s wood so no loss of money for bgrade a. Wood is cheaper and yeah !

Most woods moves with temp, humidity and altitude change, and will not hold super tight tolerances. You’d really need to install a metal bearing race to make it work reliably.

I remember seeing that a long time ago. Actually caused me to turn 2 yoyos.

I found and referred to this article 2 years ago when I started thinking of hand-turning yoyos. This articles inspired me, and I really feel thankful to the author.

Jamboo? No… okay…