Moderator deleted threads

I noticed that spam, tastless, or other unneeded threads are sometimes moved to moderator deleted threads, is this a secret board and do the mods like to read the “deleted” threads as if they are jokes? Or are they just gone for good?

Nothing online is ever really deleted so I’m certain that the thread are saved somewhere just not accessible.

There isn’t anything enjoyable about reading the deleted threads. After all they were deleted because they didn’t add anything useful to the forum. We move most deleted threads to that section so that if we decide that that thread shouldn’t have been deleted, we can easily restore it. It also allows us to keep an eye on who the troublemakers are. ::slight_smile:

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Yeah I will agree that most that I catch are spam but you gotta admit some of most ridiculous spam can be funny, remember the barbasol guy?

Trust me, spam is annoying. I know a smaller store’s forum has probably 10-15 spam posts a day. Some times it gets up to 30.

You’ve heard the phrase, “This will go on your permanent record.”
We keep them as evidence. :wink:

I think its just the allure of a board only the moderators can get to that makes me so curious.