Are you tired of moved, locked, edited, and deleted posts?

Me too! :wink:

Please remember:

  1. To check what section you are in before hitting the post button.
  2. Profanity in all its forms will be deleted or edited. Better if you just express yourself another way.
  3. Pics or links to pics are required in bst. Upload your pics before you type out your post.
  4. Play nice!
  5. Review the rules occasionally or at least read them once. ::slight_smile: (Yeah, you know who you are)lol

I know that mistakes happen but cutting down on some of the carelessness would be a great help in keeping everyone happy.

Thanks, your efforts are appreciated.


When there’s a thread that has been deleted because of stuff inside, I always want to see exactly what went haywire. Darn my normal status.

Me too…

Im tired of other people getting my posts deleted