Modding Plastics

Hey Guys, I’ve been wondering wheter these were possible:

  1. Putting metal rims on a plastic to turn it a hybrid EG: adding metal to Speedmaker to make a homemade Speeder.

  2. Make a custom starburst.

3.Adding internal weight systems

You should check out some of BIST’s work. They have some really nice mods. Here’s a picture of their SpeedMaker mod:

I looked at it for like 5 minutes and can’t see what they did. lol

They have many other mods. You can see them all here:

You can just ask

Starburst just cut with a knife. Maybe you can add metal rims by cutting some rims out of a soda can or something, and sand the plastic until it fits into the rim. As for internal weight, you can fill the gap where the cap is with o-rings, metal rings, fishing weights???, sand, lead, glue…

Put a little sandbag in there, put the caps on. THAT would be heavy!

It’ll be possible, but not easy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Add wheight by putting clay where u thumb grind and put the caps back on. :wink:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Very funny. Actually, to put rims on a yoyo, you need
to cut custom rings off another yoyo with a lathe or make your own on a lathe, then cut the yoyo
on lathe to fit the rims. That’d be wonderful if cutting soda cans for this purpose worked. I’m sure
someone will try.

LOL. It will need to be perfect length.