Mod a metal drifter

Do any of u guys know how to mod a metal drifter. I have the feeling it has potential but needs modded. Also dont tell me to remove a silicone sticker cuz tht isnt a mod and ive already done that.

I would recommend cleaning the bearing, then applying some One Drop VM4 Lube to it. Then I would take a piece of sandpaper, and sand down the entire yoyo (not including response/ bearing seat area) to make the yoyo grindable.

I know it’s not a mod but, what I did was bought 2 and took all the sili stickers out and put Blue RTV silicone on one side (I’ve tried flowable but thought it was too responsive) in both of them. And think it’s pretty unresponsive. Also I put a cleaned KK in one and a cleaned Center Trac in the other. I think the center trac is better but it’s my Opinion, everyone has thier own. this is what it looks like

You definatly DO NOT need VM4 lube. Any thin lube does fine. Satin it would probably be my idea.

I don’t think you can anodize, beadblast etc it.

Not sure on this, but you might be able to paint it or splash it.

did it to my drifter today works great :slight_smile: