Modded my Dv888.....kinda


hey guys check it out! had a broken DV888 and I decided to have some fun with it, England1414 style!

(Owen) #2

What Britan (Probably a misspelling) is trying to say is: Dont mess with me, or I will find your yoyos, and I will kill them.


Why? :o Im so confused


I’m not one for murdering yoyos, but I enjoyed this video for some reason…

Aside from the part when you threw it at the dog. That was kind of mean. :-[


Have you tried turning it off and back on?




Could you make a tutorial? And may I ask how you got so high into the air?


My guess is some sort of remote control flying device?


Simply amazing.

(UmeNagisa) #10

That was beautiful.
Honestly, I hated my DV888
So. This video was just. I laughed so hard.
And all those tools used xD
Just. Glorious




That was beautiful. The best destruction I’ve seen in a long time.

You should send it to YYF and say it broke.


That was pretty swell.

You should destroy something more expensive next time.


What was wrong with the dv888? Why did you have to mod it?

Did you have to do it in that order? I am sure the last mod could have been done first.


Does it play better after the mods lol?


Don’t throw yoyos around Animals. Save the Wildlife!!!


I agree, you should send it to YYF as a joke and say like the stock string broke, and when it hit the ground it broke…Now I’m sad


I’m gonna have to report this to PETA…


This might be the greatest video of all time.


Why would People Eating Tasting Animals care?