Modded Butterflies for sale!

Hey guys, gals and all yoyoing pals! I know it’s a little late and Fixed Axle February is long past, but I made some modded Butterflies!! Eight in total, with some variation and special stuff mixed in. All prices include shipping and everything is shipped USPS Priority Flat rate. DM me if you have any questions or are interested in any of them.

First I have four that are a simple half color swap with the caps swapped as well. I call it a quarter swap. The first two are just quarter swapped the last two are painted on the inside.

Quarter Swap - blue/pink - $20

Quarter Swap - red/orange - $20

Quarter Swap - red/pink - whiteout paint - $20

Quarter Swap - blue/orange - merged polka dots - $20

Next I have two that are rainbow swaps. They have four different colors in addition to being glitter painted on the inside and having dual Butterfly logos! I call them Unicorn Poop ™.

Unicorn Poop - orange(cap)>blue/red(body)>green(cap) - $25

Unicorn Poop - red(cap)>green/orange(body)>blue(cap) - $25

Lastly I have two that are normal half swaps with a little something special. These have a weight mod installed that takes the weight from 52g to 62g. It doesn’t sound like much but trust me it makes a big difference.

Half Swap - weight mod +10g - orange/green - $25

Half Swap - weight mod +10g - blue/pink - $25 SOLD


Snagged one of those weighted Butterflies, would recommend, totally unique experience and lots of fun! Free bump!

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nice work! love seeing other people modding these.

@Son-of-Morris Thanks for the feedback!

@Sleeper80 Thanks! Even though theses were pretty simple mods it’s still tons of fun to do it. Eventually I’ll probably start some more complicated stuff.

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