so yea, after messin a bit around with it, here it finally is.
please rate it!:stuck_out_tongue:

(M.DeV1) #2

Looks nice! I’m going to have to show my friend this, he loves card tricks and yoyos!


thanks for ur nice reply:)


Simple, but looks surprisingly cool.

Do the caps add any extra vibe?


I think he took a playing card cut it to shape then changed it with the cardboard piece in yoyo


Not exactly a mod but still looks great!


I like it personally. iv done something like this with my dv888 i stuck poker chips in the cup and played it. but to much weight and not much vibes suprisingingly.


no the caps dont cause any vibe or wobble.
jep, those are shaped playing cards:)
sorry, i’m pretty new to the yoyogenre, what exactly is a mod?:slight_smile:


There is actually a lot of different interpretations for a “mod”. In my own opinion, it’s something that changes the play of a yoyo, for better or worse.


Agreed, while what he’s done is nice work, I don’t count cosmetic stuff as a mod.


Definetly like it.

I would do one side the ace of spades, and the other side the back of a playing card. Just an idea.


yess, have to test that!:slight_smile: