Loop 360 Cheerio mod :P


You can replace loop 360 caps with cereal box cardboard lol. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I could be more careful next time. Might go with lucky charms…


I absolutely love the name of this mod.


Wow lol, that’s cool.




Yeah I think I might do this to a Onestar.


This is not a mod.


Then go cry about it. :wink:


Did this for my severe.


I did this all the time with my proyo. Lunch meat to robotic rc ball boxes.


I drew new caps for some of my old yyj stuff, to make it look cool, and one of a kind.


One of the best things about removable caps is the fact that you can sometimes put string inside the cap and always have extra string with that yoyo.


It’s considered a mod. Many things are considered mods no matter how cosmetic or unaffecting they may seem.

This could technically alter performance, even if the change is unnoticeable. A change is a change and anything added that changes performance is considered a modification.


Thanks for all the positiveness, even though this mod is kinda effortless lol. I’m going to go to walmart, and get my power tools out and come back with something that everyone will like. :smiley: