[MOD, PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD] yo-yoing survey...done..!! THANKS GUYS....!!

first of all i’d like to tell you that i made this survey to fulfill my final exam…
i’m using yo-yo as the subject topic for it…

so please spare your time to fill this survey…
(this is for yo-yoer only…)  ;D

here is the link


thanks for your participation to fill it…  :smiley:

maybe i’ll make another survey after this one if i still lack of data…  :-[

best regard.

Is it too late for you to edit #4? Perhaps add another option?

  1. what is your main reason to be part of the yo-yo world?
    to compete at the yo-yo championship (Nope, though I may consider it someday)
    i am a yo-yo collector (Nope)
    yo-yo can relaxing my mind (Maybe, but trying to get a knot out isn’t very relaxing lol)
    to entertain people with my yo-yo performance (I like to do this, but it’s not my reason for doing it)
    just wasting my time (Nope)

My answer would be sheer enjoyment, and a feeling of accomplishment when landing and discovering new tricks.

yeah same

survey is closed…