Mod obligations?


So moderators… What is it like to be a mod? Do you have a certain amount of time you have to be on? What are the benefits of being a mod?


We are obligated to move threads to the proper board. :smiley:



Although I do wonder if they have to be on the board a certain amount of time.


No set amount of time. It’s all volunteer.


So if I say “I would like to be a mod”. What would happen. Or are you asked to be a mod?


Benefits - The pay is very good.

And we get to play imperial ruler randomly imposing our will on the unwashed.

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There’s also sacrificial ceremonies but those are so infrequent that they’re usually not considered an actual part of the contract.


Shhhh!!! If these people learn how lucrative this is …



Tell us.


It’s sorta like asking to be sponsored. Take it from there… :wink:
Actually, you are born into the mod caste. Similar to a high priest.


like being sponsored ay? So you have to first prove your loyalty by sacrificing a toe?

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It also involves chanting jhb’s name into a mirror once for every year of his current age. I only got to 87 before I passed out.


Actually it’s more like the Yakuza. If we move a post to the wrong board Andre demands a finger joint as penitence.


Heck the salary for a Forum eXpert alone is sick… I can’t fathom what them Mods get… They must be rolling… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, Andre just has a dart board with every forum member’s name on it, and every year he closes his eyes and throws, who ever gets picked wins.
either that or
Andre asks Rafiki (Lion King gorilla) to pick one, since Rafiki needs the money now that he lost his job because of Lion King 1.5


Rafiki’s a baboon…


Do you have to be an expert before you can be a mod


Ummm, NO. As I said earlier moderators are predestined to the role. Experts are chosen from the ranks of mere mortals.


What does that make me?