I am just starting möbius and I saw online the tips for an organic shape and a large bearing. I wanted to see if any of you guys had any suggestions (I want one that is really cheap and plastic).

A counter attack from yoyo factory I think will work.

How do you guys pronounce Möbius?

I’d say - moe be us, but what do I know?
That’s how all of my math teachers said it.

Sometime ago I was reading about it and watching some videos produced for the set up.
The idea I guess about large bearings is not just that but near maxed out gaps so the slip knot can go through the gap. I don’t have a suggestion for you but keep that in mind. we are probably talking 4.5+ mm gaps.


As a big fan of Mobius, I really recommend the OD 54. Zammy, the master of Mobius was the one who suggested the 54 tome back when i fist got into Mobius, and let me tell you, it works great! It has nearly everything you could want in a Mobius throw, you should check it out!


If your looking cheap I would definitely go for the yyf counter attack. It’s a great starter for möbius that’s what I’m learning on.