Would a yomega maverick work for mobius?


I want to try mobius, but don’t really have the kind of yoyo Zammy described. Would a maverick work?


Any decent unresponsive yoyo should work for mobius. It is suggested that you make sure the knot can pass through the gap, and it seems to help if you don’t have a massive high-wall and have a pad response rather than a sticker-type response.


The gap is too thin and the wall is too high. The small gap might cause snags when the yoyo passes through the gap, and the high wall will cause you to need the loop bigger, possibly making technical harder.


All WORK but some just not as well.


I can Use my old Maverick For Mobius…Its very doable, The Bearing is barely any smaller than a C, and the new ones use a C bearing. Id say yes, Especially with worn down response.