MJT - joint of the game

[b]Please watch in HD for more excitement! (just click on the youtube logo after video starts)  :wink:

Joint of the game:

Video was created in a few weeks of autmn. Soundtrack was created and recorded by Jano and Alex. Edited and fimed by Hulio. Friend support and eli-hops by Victor.

yoyo: RB proto, Puffin’ Gnar, Protostar, Genesis.

20/09/2010 Moscow/Russia[/b]

Nice video!

Cried tears of joy. This is such a beautiful video. Mind if I download it for my files?

I think the music is the best part, very chill and different. I also dig any video with a white guy with LONG dreads :smiley:

I think this can help you. :slight_smile: http://content.wuala.com/contents/hulio/Video/MJT%20-%20joint%20of%20the%20game.wmv?dl=1 311.5mb *.wmv 720p HD


I am glad you posted this.

This is now my all time favorite video in the past 1 and a half years of yoyoing. For many reasons.

1.) Great scenery

2.) Such smooth styles and tricks.

3.) Good editing

4.) Great song choice

5.) Awesome filming

You did a really spot on job with this. I have watched this several times and it has still awed me. The scenery was spectacular. And the tricks were so smooth. Again AMAZING video, I can’t wait to see more from you…


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