This is my project 2 yo-yo video!

Good video, and welcome to YoYoExpert forums. ;D

Cool. :wink:

Awesome. :slight_smile:

Awesome video, keep throwing!

Happy Throwing !=]

pretty good

nice ! a style i apreciate!

Pretty good

Good video. :wink: I like the colors, they are flashy. Blue and gold = happiness. :slight_smile:

Welcome to YoYoExpert Forums, WCTPro! We hope you like it here, and stay with us. :wink:

just so you know Samad he was wyatt1997 he just started a new account.
and nice vid wctpro.

Sweet color choices. One Drop is genius!

Not digging the music, default WMM title and camera shake. Other than that, I can’t complain on anything.