Mixed looping and stringtricks?

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this looks like a fantastic and friendly community and I look forward to becoming a part of it!

I’m a new user and aspiring yo-yo player. My first yo-yo (that’s not 10 years old) is in the mail. It’s a YYJ Journey.

I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but I haven’t been able to find anything on the subject.

Are there any players who’s style consists of a mixture of looping and stringtricks? Either with a modified looping yo-yo or vice versa? Having seen a lot of yo-yo videos I still haven’t seen any hybrid players. Does no one play like this?

I’m asking because I think it would be a very interesting style.

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Morten from Denmark

Welcome to the Forum! I have not seen any style of which you state, But they do sell String Trick loopers, that can be used as both, (Sunset Trajectory st) Though i have not seen anyone mix these into one,

Welcome to the forum! It already looks like you will be a great addition to the forum!

I haven’t seen any videos that were mainly string tricks AND looping, but if I remember correctly, one or two of Joseph Harris’s 2a freestyles have had several string tricks in there.

Welcome to the forum! No, I do not think there is a hybrid style although you can argue with that in CB competitions which is combined tricks. I think you would use a different yoyo or thick lube the yoyo very quickly. Other than that, I don’t think there is one that is a complete hybridization. Maybe a pocket change with an adjustable response could be used for String tricks and Looping in the same sitting…


i do a lot of tricks with loops and regens (basically just stuff with high-response), but not just continued loops.

I just thought of somthing great… Get a yoyo shaped like a FH2 (Not super butterflyish) and give it a long axle and spacers on springs. This way you can loosen the gap and the spacers will keep the bearing exposed, but when you tighten it, the springs compress making the gap very small

Hey guys,

thanks for the quick answers. When I get good enough to develop a ‘style’, I think I’ll work on a hybrid style!

I guess you’re only allowed to pull that kind of stuff off in freestyle competitions though, right?
(In 1A and 2A I guess there are rules for what you can do…)

Well you would want to practice these and then I’m pretty sure you could use it in competitions if you use the same yoyo. That would be the best way I think.

There are some 2a players that do some basic string tricks while looping. Joseph Harris does it, same goes for most other 2a players.

You don’t see it a lot in 1a though. People prefer to use unresponsive yoyos, which makes looping impossible.

Looking at some videos with Joseph Harris and he is incredible. And you’re right, he does some of the things I was thinking of!

just highjacking my own thread for a moment here. I just received my yo-yos. The Journey is incredible. I’m progressing so fast. This morning I could barely do a trapeze, and now I’m doing braintwisters as if there were nothing! The other yo-yo I received is a Sunset Trajectory NXG. I was able to do a lot of loops with a regular 10-year-old yo-yo, but it’s as though the ST pulls to the right when I play and I have a lot of trouble keeping it steady and looping. Is this just because I need to get used to it, or is it something the ST is known for?

Also… what do people do about loose caps/pogs? They kinda make a vibrating noise in my ST.

Thanks again for all your help!

Ha glad you’re happy. You’ll probably just need to get used to the looping yoyo.

It would not work.