Mint Never Thrown Blasted Agape For Trade!!!

Yep, I’ve got a Production Run Mint Never Thrown Blasted (By IKY himself, he’s asked I not post pictures of his blasting job, as it is still a secret of what it is/looks like) Agape for trade ONLY!

BIGGEST WANTS: (in order from greatest to least) (mint would be best)
Severe (would like the orange with blue splash, but other colors are cool, I like bright stuff)<-- Got one for something else
Split Decision (must have the 4a rims)
Diversion (purple or orange only)
Genisis (small bearing only)

Other wants: (mint would be best)
Any other YoyoRec yoyos
Adegle Formosa
Yellow Protostar
MIP Viking FHZ
Other SE FHZ’s
New Breed
Offer pretty much anything other than YYJ unless stated in the wants, I don’t bite, I just might say no.

Thanks for looking.

Oh looky, up it goes!

I would love to trade you, but i have much of anything to trade.