LF sOMEThING or CLYW.Have stargazer,Eetsit,Solenoid, Dreadnaughts and more


These are my yoyos
Pink and Yellow Acid Washed Stacked Genesis The person who traded this to me said it was
the one Yuuki used on stage in 2011. You can choose to believe or not, but the yoyo still plays great.
Really Beaten up B-Grade Red Sleipnir
2 Red Beaten up Firmys
Mint Gold Angle XS
2 Silver Dreadnaught Gs -have small black spots that appear because of bead blasting, but in
pretty good condition
MIB Blue Acid-Washed Manimal
Yellow Solenoid -has 2 small marks
Yellow Gnarwhal -has 3 small marks, and a slight vibe
1/1 Red and Pink Eetsit -Has no dings, but has a few scuffs, and is kind of dirty.
MIB, only been used once, Copperwod Yfactor
MIB, Purple Singularity
Mint Starlite
5 Stardusts I might trade. 3 V1s, and 2 V2s.
Mint in Box, only used once, purple 888x. I won it at socal but I dont need it.
A near mint stargazer v1. It has a vibe. The axle was stripped but it was fixed with a bigger axle and it works now. I would like to trade it for an edge, a stargazer v2.
Mint in Box Neon Grind Machine (Orange)
I have many other yoyos for trade also.




how much for the orange grind machine and 888? also pics please














Pics plz?


Of what? and bump.

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