*****BST: Punchline, Samurai, Oxy 5 and H20 ADDED! Ebay Auctions!!*****



Spyy Revenger-especially black and orange splash colorway OR

YoyoFactory Supernova- especially (Blue/Black Acid Wash w/ Pink/Black Splash) colorway

Additional Wants:
C3 Master Galaxy
Chief or Canvas (who doesn’t want one?)
MVP- Black and gold prefered.
Mint Anti-yo Busine$$
OD Burnside
Ronin, Pro
Wedgie- Mint
Superstar- Special colorway
Battosai- Special edition or colorway- mint
Dream Yo- Man from Macau
OD 54- Special Colorway
Super G
C13-Black and Gold (or others)
C22- Will trade 3-4 throws for one.
BA Hatrick
Limited Edition Project 2’s
Jazz-Yo Regulus
Chico Heavy Hitter
Winning Bird
St. Eel
Yuuksta- Cool color
Wooly Marmot, Wooly Markmont
Anything Yoyo Rec or Turning Point


Mint in box green YYF Grind Machine 2! -Something amazing about this throw! $90 firm or trade.


I also have the following for sale (best offer) or trade. I will consider trading TWO of these for something on my wants list!!!

EBAY Link with PICS and descriptions: http://www.ebay.com/sch/beau_777/m.html?item=150717533884&viewitem=&_trksid=p4340.l2562

YYF Primo- Custom annodized, mint!  Looks and plays great.  Highly underrated, very similar in play to the Superstar.

Spyy Punchline- Green with blue splash! Mint! Super smooth and a favorite of many people!!

Dream Yo Samurai- The most beautiful yoyo I have ever seen.  The multi-cut angles are really cool.  Plays amazing, super smooth. Half gold, half purple. Only available when ordered from overseas.

Hspin Good&Evil4 Black Lily- Mint with box! Really awesome throw, very similar in size, shape and play to the Bassline, which is one of my favorites.

Hspin OG Pyro- One of the best looking throws, love the laser engraved flames! Comes with tube, few pinpricks/marks, but otherwise in excellent shape.

BBYY Bully- Preproduction, which is lighter than production.  I love it.  I really liked the Bully but thought it was too heavy. Raw, has some small dings on the rims.

3Y03 Bassline- Gold colored.  Landon puts magic in his yoyo’s.  This is one of the best throws made, bar none. I will always have at least one in my collection. Gold, two small marks, smooth and near mint.

Chico Del Toro- Mint condition.  One of the best ano’s I’ve seen. Very bright, bold purple.  Not sure I want to get rid of this.  Very fast playing undersize.  High quality.  Grinds like a GenYo.

Oxygene 5- Legendary and very hard to find.  Mint, dark red. Includes velvet pouch and extra gaskets. Oxy smooth as only Oxy is.  Best offer over $120.

Hspin + Oxygene H2O- Gold, mint with original packaging.  Original ceramic bearing.  Has a sweet spot that is so smooth you can’t hear or see a thing.  Simply amazing throw.  Retailed for $220+. Best offer over $110

Bearings for Sale!! Desheilded and cleaned ultrasonically.  Your choice of dry or lightly lubed with VM4.  Like new or new condition!!

Standard 8-balls from various makers- $3.50 shipped, or $2.50 with yoyo purchase or trade. 7 available

One Drop 10-ball bearings- $5 each- 5 available

Konkave- Some are real, some are Chinese, but I can’t tell the difference because they play the same. $6 each. 5 available

Yoyo Cases for sale!!

Zeekio Soft case- Like new, holds 12- $20

Premium Aluminum Case- Professional, holds 15, very thin and sleek- $40



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