****YYR Sleipner, OXY 5 and H20 ADDED! NEW THROWS LISTED on EBAY!!*****


Spyy Revenger-especially black and orange splash colorway OR

YoyoFactory Supernova- especially (Blue/Black Acid Wash w/ Pink/Black Splash) colorway

Additional Wants:
C3 Master Galaxy
Chief or Canvas (who doesn’t want one?)
MVP- Black and gold prefered.
Mint Anti-yo Busine$$
OD Burnside
Ronin, Pro
Wedgie- Mint
Superstar- Special colorway
Battosai- Special edition or colorway- mint
Dream Yo- Man from Macau
OD 54- Special Colorway
Super G
C13-Black and Gold (or others)
C22- Will trade 3-4 throws for one.
BA Hatrick
Limited Edition Project 2’s
Jazz-Yo Regulus
Chico Heavy Hitter
Winning Bird
St. Eel
Yuuksta- Cool color
Wooly Marmot, Wooly Markmont
Anything Yoyo Rec or Turning Point


Mint in box green YYF Grind Machine 2! -Something amazing about this throw! $90 firm or trade.


I also have the following for sale (best offer) or trade. I will consider trading TWO of these for something on my wants list!!!

EBAY Link with PICS and descriptions: http://www.ebay.com/sch/beau_777/m.html?item=150717533884&viewitem=&_trksid=p4340.l2562

One Drop Project 2- Highly polished raw, looks amazing.  One of my all time favorites.  Got this from a guy who won it at a contest. This was never anodized. Couple light scratches that could be polished out.

YYF Superstar- Anodized but looks pretty bad! Amature job? Plays smooth, this is a lot of people’s favorite throw with good reason. Some small marks.Gone

YYF Primo- Custom annodized, mint!  Looks and plays great.  Highly underrated, very similar in play to the Superstar.

Hspin Good&Evil4 Black Lily- Mint with box! Really awesome throw, very similar in size, shape and play to the Bassline, which is one of my favorites.

Hspin OG Pyro- One of the best looking throws, love the laser engraved flames! Comes with tube, few pinpricks/marks, but otherwise in excellent shape.

DTI Beast- Rare, hard to find throw.  I am a big DTI fan.  This plays a lot like my Turning Point RT, similar size, shape and weight.  That is saying something!

BBYY Bully- Preproduction, which is lighter than production.  I love it.  I really liked the Bully but thought it was too heavy. Raw, has some small dings on the rims.

3Y03 Bassline- Gold colored.  Landon puts magic in his yoyo’s.  This is one of the best throws made, bar none. I will always have at least one in my collection. Gold, two small marks, smooth and near mint.

Chico Del Toro- Mint condition.  One of the best ano’s I’ve seen. Very bright, bold purple.  Not sure I want to get rid of this.  Very fast playing undersize.  High quality.  Grinds like a GenYo.

Oxygene 5- Legendary and very hard to find.  Mint, dark red. Includes velvet pouch and extra gaskets. Oxy smooth as only Oxy is.  Best offer over $120.

Hspin + Oxygene H2O- Gold, mint with original packaging.  Original ceramic bearing.  Has a sweet spot that is so smooth you can’t hear or see a thing.  Simply amazing throw.  Retailed for $220+. Best offer over $110

Yoyorecreation Sleipner Chia Edition~mint condition, red. Decided to let this go for the right trade or price. Will only trade for a Canvas or Chief that is mint. Will also consider a rare Sasquatch, Peak or titanium throw. Otherwise, $140.

(P.S.- I have lots of other throws in my collection.  If you have something on my wants list and are looking for something in particular, let me know.)

Bearings for Sale!! Desheilded and cleaned ultrasonically.  Your choice of dry or lightly lubed with VM4.  Like new or new condition!!

Standard 8-balls from various makers- $3.50 shipped, or $2.50 with yoyo purchase or trade. 7 available

One Drop 10-ball bearings- $5 each- 5 available

Konkave- Some are real, some are Chinese, but I can’t tell the difference because they play the same. $6 each. 5 available

Yoyo Cases for sale!!

Zeekio Soft case- Like new, holds 12- $20

Premium Aluminum Case- Professional, holds 15, very thin and sleek- $40