Done! Delete pretty please! :)


I am Looking for: (Preferably in a bright color-way!) ;D
Spin Dynamics Flow!

G2 Nessie!

G2 Triton

C3Yo Capsule


YYF Avant Garde 2

YYF Super G


I am mainly looking for something with a wide gap and more rim weight :]

Iā€™d like the yoyo I receive in this trade to be in great no vibe condition :slight_smile:
Does not have to be mint :slight_smile:

I recently moved for college and I am tight on cash so I am only able to trade!

I have a One Drop Horse head Cascade that is truly awesome!
It has some small dings in it but they do not cause any problems with the performance of the yoyo!
It also has Eternal Victory Side effects (The black disks with a white Phoenix) instead of the stock domes that are in the pictures! No vibe!

a ding below that is hard to see because of the colorway

Another ding above my thumb

Would you be open to other offers?