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hello, everything on here is for sale and for trade. so when I am working you won’t get a reply as i don’t have my phone on me to check. And I do not have a stable internet connection so i turn my mobile data on two or three times a day so you should receive a response accordingly. DO NOT POST IN BST OR I WILL NOT REPLY

Full sized throws
Mighty flee

SPYY black red acid wash addiction($40 shipped) pending
has a good amount of rim damage and a vibe but still a great organic player. if you do not mind vibe and are looking for a spyy yoyo this is a good throw. part of the vibe is from the axle being bent slightly

[u]YYF black delrin severe/u
some light rim damage that does not affect play. awesome yoyo but the pads need to be replaced very soon.

Square Wheel Royale(cant describe colorway other than baby blue with a pink splash)($50 obo)
very floaty yoyo, plays great but i would call this beat. scratces and dings all around.

One Drop wasp dang($45 shipped)
beat up but the damage is pinpricks and don’t effect play. has UL’s and still an awesome yoyo.have more pictures of damage on record if asked

MYY N9 purple with pink splash($15shipped)
a couple pinpricks and missing an o ring but the stack still stays on and plays very well. nice yoyo if you are looking to try myy

YYJ black Dark Magic 2($30)
The rims are beat but a good polish would remove that. still plays nice like the DM2 is known for