Looking for YoYoRecreations (esp. Sleipnir) - have trades

Hey guys,

trying to get my hands on one of these. As for trades, I have:

I have these for trade:

  • ILYY Enigma (pinneedle size ding)
  • Any 3X (2 pieces)
  • 3 x YYJ NM5 (scratched, well playable)
  • YYJ Meteor (Raw)
  • Genesis Yoga Flame (Worn Bearing Seat - modders?)
  • MINT in Box Mini-Star
  • Yomega Maverick MIB
  • MarkMont.Next (maybe)
  • PLENTY of yoyojams
  • YYN 110$ Gift Card
  • YYG 25$ Gift Cert

Thanks for offers,