MINT CONDITION RARE CLYWS FOR SALE/TRADE!!!! chief,canvas,marmot,campfire,more.


Hi, I currently have a minty mint chief. An unengraved black with green splash canvas (this is the only unengraved canvas in this colorway, very very rare!) Also I have a silver with purple and white splash wooly marmot, and a silver with green splash campfire. All mint condition, all in original packaging. Please, if interested in making some sort of deal with me do not offer any- plastic throws, beaters, yyf yoyos, yyj yoyos… please no lowball offers!

     my wants list- X-cube, CLYW, Turning Point, YYR, other rare and/or high quality yoyos. I would prefer texting as a primary means of correspondence, this is just a lot easier for me and will create a speedier process for the both of us. Mu number is 631-902-7032, thank you. Please feel free to contact me at any time day or night with questions and/or concerns. I am more than happy to send pictures, information, prices, etc. to anyone interested in doing business with me, thank you.


Beware when dealing with this guy.


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