FT: Mint CLYW: Bip-Bop Arctic Circle, 1/4 Hand painted Owl Canvas, 1st Run Chief

Note: Two people have reported scams by this guy.

First off, I’m really only looking to acquire more/ and or different CLYWs. Any offers for these yoyos other than trade would have to be cash/check since I don’t have paypal. And please offer big if you really feel compelled to buy one of these.

All of these yoyos and mint with box.

I am looking for these yoyos only! Please don’t offer anything other than these two throws! Thanks
66/67g Mint Chiefs
Glacier Express

Here is what I have to offer. For the Owl Canvas, I want a 66/67 mint Chief and maybe some cash depending on the colorway. This is a 1/6 hand painted by Jensen Kimmit mint in box Canvas. Super smooth and all around awesome.

Chief is pending GONE!
AC is also GONE!
Just shoot me a PM if you want to work out something

still looking for a chief!