FS OG Poptart Avalanche. Big offers for rare old CLYW!!

For Sale.

CLYW Avalanche Pop Tart Edition. NM With Box - $110 Shipped

A beautiful original avalanche by CLYW, color way is Pop Tart. Purple with light blue speckle creates a spectacular contrast. Slight vibe on the grind, dead smooth on the string. The yoyo has two of the smallest impressions on the rims (Last two pictures on imgur)   https://imgur.com/a/qAA1b

Looking For.

Prices are assuming Mint in Box, but please offer even if they are not.
List is for my biggest wants, but if you have OG clyw offer it (Besides Peaks) because I may decide that I want it  ;)

Black Bip Bop Glacier Express. ($250)
Grey Bip Bop Chief. ($250)
Minty Mint Chief. $150 First run ($200)
Grassy Lake Chief. ($250)
Buffalo Bob Chief. ($250)
Green Ghost Chief. Phase 1 ($250) Phase 2 ($200)
Royal Bison Chief. ($250)
Royal Bison Gnarwhal. ($150)
Sliver Bip Bop Gnarwhal. ($200)
Dad Pants Gnarwhal. ($150)
Black Bip Bop Sasquach. ($250)

Other Brands

A return tops- Jr
General Yo- 5 star, OG ministar

Also looking for perfect condition OG boxes, Gnarwhal in specific right now. $10
But would be willing to buy any cool OG CLYW Boxes.

I have money in Paypal ready to go.

Thanks for looking,

Do you (CentroYo) mean to say he doesn’t have these in his possession???

I think he was talking about the bassalope he had up yesterday, i just shipped it yesterday.

That is against the rules.


Please guys, all I want is a chief…
I will pay most for a 2nd or 3rd run, but any thing works. :slight_smile:

Please I am begging you, a grassy lake chief!!

Bump. I know some one has a minty mint or grassy lake chief



Wouldn’t mind a peak, would possibly trade both for if mint.


Its good to be back :wink:


Someone has to have a cool chief that I want. Don’t hold any thing back from me, if you got something that I want, or you think I would want, offer it please. Money is not really a problem for me.

Bump. I need more chiefs, a mint cool ghoul would be sweet.

bump!! Red with golden cups please, or grey bip bop!

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i have a mint orange sasquatch ill trade you for any of your mint chiefs

Free bump. I get: “CLYWConnoisseur’s images are not publicly available.” when I try to look at your pics.

I have a Old genesis for a chief. if thats not enough i can throw in a smaller value yoyo. pm me for pics