Mini yo-yo extravaganza: Flea, Heist, Dr. Smalls + free Elimination


YoYo King Dr. Smalls, YYF Heist, YYF Mighty Flea, TopYo / UNPRLD Elimination. Bundle deal only, $80 for all 4, shipping to continental US included.

:mega: Please note the UNPRLD / Topyo elimination is being added to the bundle for free, however this yo-yo has pulse vibe that you can feel and see on the string. It is plenty playable, but it definitely has vibe. I am including it in the bundle for free to sweeten the deel.

  • New Buddha bearing (V-shape) on the Dr. Smalls
  • Fresh silicone sticker pads on all 3 (yes, in case you were wondering, I am in fact anal like that)
  • Includes extra Flea strings
  • A few small cosmetic scratches on the Heist and Flea, nothing that affects play or even feel

Also note the Dr. Smalls is surprisingly fun! it’s like a 2017 Popstar in feel, which is a huge compliment!

(Gethin) #2

Woah super good deal man, too bad I have too many throws!

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Get you three awesome mini yo-yos!


Bigger is better? No, smaller is better!

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That is a great deal but I already have a flea. Wouldn’t mind having the heist a go though.

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You ain’t pro unless you can throw small


Added free TopYo / UNPRLD Elimination, see first post.

(Takuro Mark Imagawa) #9

I’ll take if it still available.

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