Mini Star by General Yo | Review

Happy Birthday America! This week I had the privilege to play test a General Yo Mini-Star. General Yo has had three killer releases, all of which were quick sell out and highly demanded. Ernie has been working on this release for a few months. When he told me he was making an mini yo-yo, I could not wait to try it. Pictures of the polished raw model surfaced and the yo-yo community did what it usually does when great products get previewed and drooled collectively. High fives were exchanged. The National Debt immediatly balanced and America won the World Cup! Alright, maybe not, but people were excited. Today on the Fourth of July, I present to you the review of the General Yo Mini-Star. for the Apple Pie review


awesome review and great picture!

Thanks for the review, it helped me decide what pocket size throw to get.

But I chose…